'Your Weight Matters

"Your Weight Matters"

Weight and health go hand-in-hand, but many Americans do not always consider their weight and the impact it has on their health. Many individuals walk around each day and do not even know their weight or how it is affecting their health. To get the American public talking about excess weight, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC), a nonprofit charity, has developed the "Your Weight Matters" Campaign, a National initiative aimed to get the public to measure their weight and talk to their doctor.

This Web-based campaign, located at www.yourweightmatters.org , has set the goal to open the conversation up between individuals and their doctors about weight and how it impacts/may impact their health. On the "Your Weight Matters" Web site, visitors can receive a step-by-step guide to measuring their weight and get educated on many weight-related topics.

Visitors are also issued the "Your Weight Matters" Campaign Challenge - to pledge to talk to their doctor about their weight. Once individuals take the challenge, they will be able to download the free e-toolkit, a helpful guide to use when talking to their doctor about their weight. The e-toolkit contains sample questions to ask when talking to your doctor, questions your doctor may ask you, a food log, helpful wellness tips, additional resources and much more!

Visit the "Your Weight Matters" Campaign Web site today at www.yourweightmatters.org and learn more about this National awareness initiative as well as how you can get involved and take the challenge. If you have questions about this campaign and how else you can be involved, feel free to contact the OAC at (800) 717-3117 or info@yourweightmatters.org .